The founders of the D Event


Award-winning brand strategist

John Miziolek of Reset Branding, a strategic branding and design firm located in Toronto, Canada. John is also the Host of a new podcast available on iTunes called Design Masters Canada. He also loves fast cars, rock music and possesses an unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit.

From an early age John had the opportunity to learn about the design industry from his father, a successful Commercial Artist who worked with top tier brands like Wrigley, Molson and Labatt. Coming from a family of serial entrepreneurs John has built a highly successful branding firm that consistently delivers excellent results for clients.

John is a best selling author and recognized as an expert in the areas of strategic branding, brand development, naming and innovation and has been featured in USA Today, named one of America’s Premier Experts, featured on NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates, starred in History Television’s “What’s In a Name?” series, been interviewed by Global News and CBC Radio and is a guest blogger for Fast Company, to name a few.


Veteran CPG design professional

John Gleason is the founder and owner of A Better View strategic consulting. Inspired by observations & experiences at Procter & Gamble - reinforced by interactions with more than 50 branded, consumer-facing organizations (mostly large CPG companies), and more than 600 creative services agencies - A Better View strives to deliver 3 primary objectives - importantly with a client lens:

  1. To help creative enterprises become better businesses & better business partners;

  2. To help brands, organizations and corporations elevate design as a strategic business competence that helps drive business results;

  3. To enhance the intersection client/agency relationships, to be better – together.

Key metrics and business results:

  • Corporate clients include the world's largest consumer-facing brands & companies

  • Collective client revenues total almost $1T & possess more than 100 billion-dollar brands

  • Total value of rosters reviewed, & agencies "matched" to client needs exceeds $1B

  • Average value delivered in brand/corporate clients is ~22% ($250+M, collectively)

  • Average (incremental) value created for agency clients is ~19%